Friday, August 29, 2014

· ULYSSES, Songs From Another Gender part VI ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is the sixth entry of the presentation I make for Through Waves’ EP “SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER”.

“SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER” is a short collection of songs from my personal files which, until the present date, I was unable to release, for various reasons. They are now properly assembled and recorded, and available for you. For eight weeks, I will present each track with lyrics and whatever story I can tell about them. This EP happens at a defining moment in my life, which is characterized by a tremendous shift of perspective regarding my identity and expression; and by being an ongoing theme in denial in my life, as the songs come from as late as 2008 and as early as 2013, shows that it is imperative to address this subject, otherwise Through Waves would have no means to continue its musical endeavours. Basically, without this EP, there would be no other albums, or no Raine Holtz for that matter (whoever they are), so here it is, at last.

"SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER" will be released on September 16, 2014, as a limited edition CD and digital download, all available exclusively on The Lily AnnWharf, Through Waves' Official Bandcamp. As usual, produced and released independently by myself via my private label The Schooner Harbour, it features 8 songs: one of them, "Fredrich", being a translation/adaptation of a poem written by my mother in the 70's.

The sixth track presented is ULYSSES: “Aubade for the Parting Men”.

Comes the copper-bottomed hull of his ship, 
Venturing to the port at high-tide. 
Towering, proud and fair, and sadly masculine; 
Comes the commodore, careless and boldly flagged. 

"When broken shells make Christmas bells, 
Then will I marry thee." 

You, men of the sea 
Are all equal to me: 
A fleeting memory 
From tropics of solitude. 

Yet how my willow heart swings by your wind; 
You and your charming snares would never acknowledge me. 
I, the plain young maid, sexless and mundane, 
Lift my anchor from the grounds of you...- 
Never to moor. 

You, men of the sea 
Are all equal to me: 
A saddening memory 
From tropics of bitterness.

This is a song from the many nights I spent alone with my harp in my bedroom in 2011, a time when I was still reeling from the unpleasant experiences that a person provided me, while working on "Deconstruct the Debris" and ultimately on the material for "Schadenfreude". I suppose we can all relate to this situation, where we long for the attention of someone who really lives worlds apart from us. ULYSSES is a reflection of the envy I had toward men around me, when I was trying to fool myself into thinking I should be one of them. Being ever observant of their behaviour and the way they treated whatever I had to offer to them, I felt all the more disconected to these points of view, and shrouded myself deeply into the confines of my own universe, which was the trigger to the building of all the albums that followed "Deconstruct the Debris". After all this time, I am still like the woman of this song whenever I encounter a man who seems worthy of my attention: silly and inexperienced, in my desperation to feel and share love, unable to read the signs and always wanting more from the hands that brush against mine; hoping that one of these fingers would pull me from out of the wells of silence, where I've been humming songs such as these for all these years. Will it ever end?

I am pleased to introduce you to ULYSSES. Thank you for listening. For the next song of “SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER”, please visit this page on September 5.

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