Friday, July 25, 2014

· HASSUNI, Songs From Another Gender part I ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is the first entry of the presentation I make for Through Waves’ EP “SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER”.

“SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER” is a short collection of songs from my personal files which, until the present date, I was unable to release, for various reasons. They are now properly assembled and recorded, and available for you. For eight weeks, I will present each track with lyrics and whatever story I can tell about them. This EP happens at a defining moment in my life, which is characterized by a tremendous shift of perspective regarding my identity and expression; and by being an ongoing theme in denial in my life, as the songs come from as late as 2008 and as early as 2013, shows that it is imperative to address this subject, otherwise Through Waves would have no means to continue its musical endeavours. Basically, without this EP, there would be no other albums, or no Raine Holtz for that matter (whoever they are), so here it is, at last.

"SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER" will be released on September 16, 2014, as a limited edition CD and digital download, all available exclusively on The Lily AnnWharf, Through Waves' Official Bandcamp. As usual, produced and released independently by myself via my private label The Schooner Harbour, it features 8 songs: one of them, "Fredrich", being a translation/adaptation of a poem written by my mother in the 70's.

The first track presented is HASSUNI: “His Chivalrous Impermanence”.

HASSUNI is a short piece I wrote for the piano in 2011. It was presented live in a mini-concert I produced to promote the release of “DEBRISER – SINGLE”. That was the first and last time I ever played the track outside the privacy of my home. All songs from this EP conjure distinct imageries in my head, particularly because each of them represents a different archetype of men, and so have human-like personalities and traits. HASSUNI acts as the opening piece, as a herald of a message I denied to strain my ears to listen. There is nothing gentle or subtle about him: he is a blazing Aries, horned and tall, setting forth the motion of this circle that wants to be completed. Although short in length, the piece is precisely what it must be: the slap in the face to stop threading a fruitless path and accept what has been suppressed for so long. HASSUNI was the name of a strange cat of my infancy, and it kept ringing in my ears every time I sat down to try and channel this song into existence.

I am pleased to introduce you to HASSUNI. Thank you for listening. For the next song of “SONGS FROM ANOTHER GENDER”, please visit this page on August 1st.