Sunday, March 10, 2013

· In Which I Want to Share New Music ·

Oh, the dreadful memories...
Hullo, me hearties.

This year already began with many a change that I was eagerly anticipating during the first few days after Santuário was released, on October 2012, though slightly skeptical of its realization. As I stated earlier, I am currently developing the last stages of a new album, which, if strength does not fail me, will see light of day somewhere after the southern Spring begins; and oddly, this whole new journey brings along a surprisingly optimistic humour, despite the horrors I am dealing with while exorcising these songs out of me. I guess I am just fed up of being sad, this year. My skin is becoming increasingly thinner for some kinds of bullshit, specially those regarding other people and their absolute ludicrous omission towards those they profess to love (doesn't that gives you an inkling of what this album will be all about?). So I am riding this wave and putting this new album on hold for a few months, while I enjoy the novelty of finally facing the context of a live performance with some other perspective, less inclined towards sheer disgust and abhor. I am still a bit scared, but it is all part of the process.

I have been recently plotting and organizing a live performance for Through Waves with the help of a dear friend. Granted, it is a home concert, acoustic and intimate, as those I've organized alone a couple of times in ages now passed; it has to be this way, for starters, as I am prone to just drop out of something larger involving a great deal of people, and just burrow deep back into my rabbit-hole. And who am I kidding: Through Waves will never be well-known enough for me to be courted by festivals/venues anyway. ;)

In any case, this home concert is a refreshing affair for me, for many reasons. Someone else is actually taking the time to talk to me and open their home, allowing me to bring along my obscure, neglected and pretentious art to show to others; it is in a completely different city, far enough from mine to get me thinking that I am almost embarking on a tour (I would NEVER imagine I would travel with my harp and my hurdy-gurdy); I can give myself a break from the stressful environment I've built around myself while recording my new album; I have a chance to perform some songs I've been dying to play (traditional ones, of course... Who do you think you're talking to?); and most importantly of all, I'll be amongst dear friends. I have some ghosts to exorcise as well, so it all falls in the right places. I can almost say I am excited, if I wasn't firstly sincerely scared.

Aside from all that, as I am taken by this strange spirit of musical sharing (which is leading me to once again busk the streets of Curitiba with my harp and a bag filled with CDs), I have been flirting around with the idea of releasing a single before this next album. Did I mention that this album is a double one, with 12 tracks on each CD? It is quite a massive work to be presented all at once, so the idea of opening the gates just an itty bitty and giving out a small portion of it sounds reasonable enough. I am not entirely sure I shall do that, as of yet, so I am currently open for consideration and opinions. Make use of THIS to express yours.

Oh, and as some of you might have seen, I have recorded a new live-in-studio video: "Hixa Mía", a traditional Sephardi song (my first video playing my dear hurdy-gurdy, mind you). I am totally bearded again, so you might want to watch it and tell your friends you have seen what a transgender person looks like with a fuzzy face:

I have nothing else to share at the moment. Pray for me, so that I may sail through these troubled days of recording my masterpiece-album unspoilt, and find true joy in sharing live music with you all.

P.S.: Drop me a line ( if you want to book me on anything. Whatever it might be. If you want me to play for one hour at your house for your friends, let us talk and find out how we may do it. Ride the wave with me, for I am not sure how long it will last... And I do put up quite an interesting show, if I do say so myself. ;)