Tuesday, June 12, 2012

· Through Waves' Recording Log - Part XI ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is The Through Waves’ Recording Log – Part XI.
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In a most surprising shift of events, I was graciously granted with a good mood these past few days, mainly because my hurdy-gurdy came in the mail and the internet access was denied to me (a most serendipitous happening, as I came to find). And that also gave me the opportunity to continue my labours with Santuário, tying up some loose strings and finishing this most beautiful and renewing affair. So no stress in the lands of Raine Holtz, lately. Quite nice.

I have little to report from my ongoing documentation of this new album now, as I believe I've gone through everything that seemed relevant in any way during the process of recording; and as I assume the next Recording Log will be the last, it is safe to reveal the album's cover in that instance, to (as brazilians like to say) "close it with a golden key". But to that final log I have something else prepared, so I'm just going to shut up and give you the cover right now.

This final chapter of Through Waves' history is coming, this (southern) Spring. I can't wait to deliver this child into your care, and at last coming full circle with a story initiated "long ago" with Sail, Schooner.