Monday, May 07, 2012

· Through Waves' Recording Log - Part IX ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is The Through Waves’ Recording Log – Part IX.
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The day has finally come.

As the Recording Log steadily moves toward its very end, today I am officially announcing the release of Through Waves’ newest single “A Ponte dos Mortos”, extracted in advance from the third full-length album I am expecting to release in October, “Santuário”. This year is unveiling the sprouts of the seeds of transformation/transfiguration I planted in 2011, with the release of “Deconstruct the Debris”, and I feel my work is becoming more complete, fulfilled and even more honest; and I can rely on it for more than just “therapeutical needs”.

Granted I am still reeling from that previous album, and I guess that is why I felt the need to promptly jump into another work to assort the things in my head and heart, and despite the fact that the process of recording/releasing is always tiresome, I developed a nice backbone, and producing music makes me healthy and alive. Especially now, since what I am building with sound is an architecture to house everything that I no longer have any use for: a Sanctuary, a place to call mine, from which I can move onwards, with the road in front me and a home always behind. I feel good.

Anyway, this new single is made available for you at Through Waves’ Bandcamp Store, in three formats: a digital download, the limited edition CD and the limited edition CD with a certificate that pre-orders your copy of “Santuário” (that means that you pay for the album now, and by doing so you allow me to have the budget to produce it ;) and send your copy as soon as it comes out!). This single is a strictly limited product, and I’m expecting to run out of copies before Spring comes along (half are already reserved, FYI), so if you want to add “A Ponte dos Mortos” to your collection – or want to discover my work through this release, which I highly recommend –, be quick!

I am truly happy this bridge between 2011-Raine and 2012-Raine is cemented, and all that water below rushes to the sea. We are entering a new era, and we have a refuge at last! I still can’t believe it. Come away with me and discover what really lies ahead of the bridge, because this is just a small introduction of what I have prepared for you all!

And don’t forget to flip through my ongoing photographic documentation of “Santuário": A PONTE DOS MORTOS - Tumblr.