Thursday, April 12, 2012

· Through Waves' Recording Log - Part VIII ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is The Through Waves’ Recording Log – Part VIII.
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Apart from an awful rollercoaster of customary emotional swings (which means lots of blank nights, less eating and Antony Hegarty), I’ve been applying the final touches on the upcoming album, which most of you already have a tiny – but highly significant – part on your hardrives (read below). But since I’ve been feeling like shit these past few days, I made a pause and tried to just focus my attention on other things… Which inexorably end up being Through Waves-related, because that’s just how deep I am buried in my glittery self-regard.

After listening to a great deal of opinions regarding my work lately, that included the ever so present ”you should just go to bars and play” (really? You seriously just said that? To my face? Have you no mercy?), and my personal favourite ”how do you expect to become famous if you don’t even go out from your home?” (which gives me a headache straight away), I actually swallowed my waters and strained my ears for a couple of other inputs, drifting away from unsolicited remarks from people I actually love and care about; and deciding to make no fuss about it, I put my pride aside and finally set up a Tumblr account for Through Waves.

What exactly that means?
(and why the big deal, geez, it's just a tumblr account)
Well, since ”social networks are your friends” – wisely observed by a friend – I believe such platform would increase if only a little the interest around Through Waves (since it is absolutely vital that I become more widely known, you see); and apart from also being just another outlet to stay in touch with people from my social circles, it organically evolved into a “visual documentation” of sorts for this new work I’ve been developing. So, satisfying my beast-within called “Need for Self-Justification”, I created this little space, where you are welcome to visit if you’re tired of words and sounds, and would just like an escape into a more abstract and less committed world: My Little Hipster Tumblr.

In other news, I’ve made public the first (and only) single from the new album: a track entitled ”A Ponte dos Mortos”. You can download it by clicking here.
Released May 7 as a limited edition 2 tracks CD in gatefold package made of high-quality recycled paper with signed & handnumbered insert and extra oversized cardboard sleeve with added-picture (try reading that out loud without making any pauses), this anticipation-work will be available at your favourite store in the world for purchasing. A digital edition will also be there, in Mp3/FLAC and other formats, for your convenience.
I do hope you find in your heart to purchase the disc. By doing so, you’ll be allowing me to pay for the costs of the upcoming album’s STUNNING limited edition *DIGIBOX*… And preventing me from playing cover-concerts in sleazy, disgusting and stinking bars (which wouldn’t even have me in the first place, because honestly? Who gives a shit anyway?).

So that’s the news for the month. Do visit the Tumblr and download the single. Or don’t. I don’t care anymore. It's your call, really.

In any case, the Recording Log goes on. See you all in May.