Sunday, January 22, 2012

· Through Waves' Recording Log - Part II ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is The Through Waves’ Recording Log – Part II.
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It is really difficult to address this subject without becoming a bit abstract along the way, so I hope this entry won’t end up looking like the musings of a stoner (with all due respect… As I am not one).

After many years working with music as a form of personal therapy, it became more of a spiritual affair than a recording process (or a performance moment). It has a connection with a profounder place of the self, rather than being just knowing how to pluck some chords or sing some verses. It might sound incredibly haughty of my part to say that, but it is far more simple than I could be ever capable of explain with words; and I believe it is an experience everyone in the world can share. At times, when I’m particularly drawn to something I am listening to, or in a place where sounds (and energies) are inspiring in a way, I feel the need to enter in some sort of balance with it, so I must respond. And so I sing. My entire body sings: I feel as if my voice is coming from the ground, climbing up the trunk of me and spreading branches, twigs, leaves and blossoms from out of my mouth. This might sound dumb, but it is honest; and it is what I call “The Sacred Tree”: it is the most illuminating point I can reach, the most perfect form of balance I can have with the Universe around me, and I feel as a part of it, a member of everything. There is nothing else in this world that can do that for me, except for this invisible, weightless entity called “music”.

The recording sessions for this album I am currently working on have been truly ceremonial moments. It is happening in a very instinctive way: sometimes I pick a random instrument, sit in the middle of my room and just record whatever is being channeled through me. No sheets, not a single journal page of lyrics, no notes and absolutely no idea as to what direction that piece is heading to; and the things I am discovering along the way are absolutely wonderful. These sounds are primitive, watery and behave like living things. Every day I find a new detail, and learn something new. I am convinced that eventually, I will be able to create a sanctuary with them.