Sunday, January 15, 2012

· Through Waves' Recording Log - Part I ·

Hullo, me hearties.

This is The Through Waves’ Recording Log – Part I.

As I said on this entry here, I will be documenting the recording process of Through Waves’ third full-length album on my journal, although I must be honest: it is already 80% recorded. So, having little to document on the next months, I took council with some listeners and friends about what would be interesting to write about, and I think that nothing would be better than introducing the primitive concept of this CD.

These thirteen tracks were conceived during the release of “Deconstruct the Debris”, as I needed to regain my love for music for the sake of music itself, rather than treating it as a tool for therapy or “personal discovery”. That album (and all the previous Through Waves’ works, for that matter) really took that away from me, the joy of playing music because it simply feels good. So that is one of the main backgrounds of this next work: songs I can play without such a deep emotional compromise. And I discovered that, at the moment, I cannot do that with words.

It might be a monstrous disappointment for some of you, but as I create music firstly for myself, this was merely a necessity. There are no lyrics in any of these songs, not a single word apart from their titles. But this is not an instrumental album either.

There is a sort of a spiritual vibration pervading this album, a deeper connection to the inner-self, which explains (to some degree) the abstraction of the pieces. The term “glossolalia” is a key-word here: the voice is regarded as just another instrument, so I believe this might make you all frown a bit. But I have nothing left to say now, because I cannot bring myself to wallow in yet another era of self-imposed suffering and frustration. I am a musician, after all, and recording these tracks truly made me feel as one; and going further, the sheer energy put into these performances still make me shiver. They are alive, powerful and finally made me experience what I call “The Sacred Tree”. I will explain a bit more about this concept on my next entries.

So, this was my introduction to the Recording Log. I welcome you to give me your opinions on Through Waves' Facebook, telling me what you would like to see/know about this whole affair. And I thank you very much your interest.