Friday, January 06, 2012

· In Which I Work Still ·

Hullo, me hearties.

Opening my life to the public (to some degree, at least) is a curious thing.

(God, what a horrible opening line for this entry…)

What I am trying to say is that, as I just finished a work and it is finally out of my hands, I can’t help musing over what to do next. Sometimes this feeling is sort of like childish anticipation, expectation and fluster, especially if I don’t happen to have anything in mind, no clue of what direction my music will follow. Happily, however, this is not the case right now, as I am entering a new stage of my life that is in process of documentation and understanding; so I don’t need to force anything out of me (which would be rather obscene and untrue, resulting in what we in the recording world call “a piece of crap”).

Following the concepts of “Sail, Schooner” from 2010 and “Deconstruct the Debris” from 2011, I unexpectedly reached a very interesting place in my heart: a sort of sanctuary to rest from all the absolute horrors, confusions and sadness from these two previous works. I am at peace (well… Admittedly, a “kind” of peace), and this whole heavy atmosphere is slowly lifting and effacing, like a shroud of mist over the sea when the morning light breaks in. This being said, I can affirm that I am already developing the next Through Waves’ album.

As I penned before, the whole distressing stages of my journey so far were characterized by a deep effort of my part to understand the inner-self and the outer-self, the world around me and what makes us both tick. My energy was drained, and I realize now that I am in need of rest. Therefore, this “mood” that seems to pervade my entire body and surroundings is perfectly appropriate to create a lighter work, some kind of delicate, earthy music that finally does not rely on sadness and intimacy; a “break”, you can call it, a warm and sunny day after a night of storm. And yes, some pieces are already recorded, and they are alive… And they are absolutely beautiful. They move me to tears. Happy tears.

I shall be documenting the shaping of this new album here on my journal, and I welcome you to explore it throughout this year. Hopefully it will be out before Christmas, and we shall have, oddly, Through Waves-music to laugh, smile and feel carefree. I can hardly wait!


P.S.: On a slightly unrelated note, the music-blog Boy Meets Music has a “Pseudo Interview” with Through Waves on their page. If you happen to have a spare minute, do read, and browse through that lovely little site to discover some interesting music (some less than others, alas…). Read it Here.