Tuesday, December 20, 2011

· In Which This Journal is Opened ·

Hullo, me hearties.

Welcome to the all-new, shiny little blog of your Copper-Bottomed friend, Raine Holtz… From the wonderful (and not at all modest) musical act Through Waves.

You are probably wondering why did I bother to create this here journal (and it was quite an effort, indeed), and the reasons are quite simple. Firstly, as you might have noticed, the Official Website for Through Waves is undergoing some marvelous improvements, but sadly, due to unforeseen happenings, there is no way of knowing when will it be up. Might be tomorrow, might be in a month from now, or even more. I do apologize for that, especially now that the newest album “Deconstruct the Debris” is released and you probably would like to read a bit more about it. But bear with us, such wait will surely be worth it.

The second (and a tad more trifle) reason is that, well… I couldn’t cope with LiveJournal anymore. Yes, some of you might remember that my “official” blog was hosted there, with the same name (“Shipwreck Free”); so I decided to simply erase it and start anew, after all, Blogspot looks better, works better and many of my friends are here (and I am not at ALL riding their wave by joining this platform!! ;) ). And since the aforementioned situation of Through Waves’ website would keep me unable to get in touch with most of you, I figured “why the hell not?

So there you have it, my dear readers. Expect rants, Through Waves novelties, excerpts from my personal journals (yes, shocking, I keep journals made of paper too! You should do the same!) and general awesomeness; and keep in mind that I have far too much spare time in my hands right now (this IS shocking news), so let us graciously make good use of it…- On the Internet (see what I did there?).